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baby shower charms

What is this game??

frog in moon baby shower charms
Frog on Moon   $5.60

turtle baby shower charms
Turtle   $6.75
Will make slow meaningful decisions

High acchiever

/ribbons-cakepulls/sterling-silver/rabbit_104.htm bunny rabbit baby shower charms
Rabbit   $7.50
A speedy person / Fast thinker
rocking horse baby shower charms
Rocking Horse   $7.50

teddy bear baby shower charms
Teddy Bear   $5.15
Loveable and huggable

This is a great baby shower game. Your baker places the charms and ribbons into the cake when it is being iced. All together or one at a time, each of the charm pullers choose one of the beautiful colored ribbons to reveal a charm with a fun meaning. The meaning is for the person who chose the charm, or as their sentiment to the Mommy of honor. It is great fun, and your friends will have a piece of jewelry to remember the event. Also, you can ask your friends to donate their charm to the new mom, and she can have a charm bracelet she will cherish. treble clef baby shower charms
Treble Clef   $5.60
Life of harmony

ladybug frame baby shower charms
Ladybug   $5.60
Cute as a bug in a rug

FREE CHARMS if you email us pics of your cake with our charms and we use them on the website! Up to $50 back.
spinning wheel baby shower charms
Spinning Wheel   $6.00
Spins a good yarn/story

tricycle baby shower charms
Tricycle   $7.50
Life is a balancing act

baby carriage baby shower charms
Baby Carriage   $9.60
Happy and Healthy Children

baby shower favors
Make your own Set
Choose one of our sets
camera baby shower charms
Camera   $8.25
Picture perfect life

carousel horse baby shower charms
Carousel Horse   $9.60
Life of more ups than downs
baby doll baby shower charms
Doll   $6.75
A cute baby

Get !!
Order 6 or more charms and get a beautiful organza pouch, a meanings card, and the sterling silver charms. Ribbons are sold separately in a variety of colors.
broomstick rocking horse baby shower charms
Broomstick Rocking Horse   $9.60

dice baby shower charms
Dice   $11.65
Not afraid to take risks
dog baby shower charms
Dog   $8.90
Next to have a boy

dolphin baby shower charms
Dolphin   $5.15
Life of joy and playfulness

its a girl baby shower charms
Its a Girl   $8.25
Next to have a girl

its a boy baby shower charms
Its a Boy   $9.60
Next to have a boy

kitten in basket baby shower charms
Kitten in a Basket   $8.90
Next to have a girl

kitten standing baby shower charms
Kitty Standing   $6.75
Next to have a girl

baby baby shower charms
Baby   $8.90
Next to have a baby

knight baby shower charms
Knight   $7.50
Life of fantasy

artists palette baby shower charms
Artists Palette   $6.75
Colorful life

sterling silver wedding cake charms

You will find even more charms at
guardian angel baby shower charms
Guardian Angel   $6.00
You have a guardian angel

watering can baby shower charms
Watering Can   $7.50
Nurturing and caring

wise owl baby shower charms
Wise Owl   $6.00
You offer wisdom & protection

music staff baby shower charms
Music Staff   $6.00
Life of harmony

noahs ark baby shower charms
Noahs Ark   $10.85
Twins / a perfect mate

baby pacifier baby shower charms
Pacifier   $8.25
Happy and healthy children
bunny rabbit baby shower charms
Rabbit   $8.25
A speedy person / Fast thinker
stork and baby baby shower charms
Stork and Baby   $7.50
Life full of surprises

Set of 6 Baby Shower Charms

Set of 12 Baby Shower Charms

Set of 18 Baby Shower Charms

    Sterling Silver Baby Shower Cake Pull Charms (great baby shower ideas for baby shower favors)
    The charms, distinctive symbols of romance, are attached to satin ribbons in your choice of Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Peach, White or Iivory. Small Bows are tied at the opposite end. You can choose from the packaged sets listed, or choose individual charms from our large selection. The ribbon pull charms come in a beautiful box with a card explaining the meanings of all the charms offered.

    History of Cake Charms
    A Victorian Tradition, to make your shower grand. In days of old, charms of luck and good fortune were placed into the cake. The custom of "Ribbon Pulling" dates back to the Victorian England when the bride hid small charms attached to ribbons within the layers of her wedding cake. The tradition has made a "charming" comeback with our sterling silver wedding cake pull charms (www.WeddingCakeCharms.com) as well as our Baby Shower Charms.

    How the charms are prepared
    These tiny treasures are hidden (usually by your baker) under the bottom layer of the cake (between the spongy part of the cake and the cardboard platform) with only the satin ribbon and bows streaming delicately from underneath the cake, around the perimeter.

    What to do with them at the shower
    Each guest at the shower will gather around the cake prior to the cake cutting and pull a charm. Each charm has a special meaning. They can read what that special meaning is so that the other guests will hear what is being wished for the new baby or for the charm-puller. No matter which is chosen, the future does look bright! This charming 'ribbon pulling' will surely add to the day's delight!!

    These cake pulls may be used at a baby shower or luncheon. Also, this charming tradition presents a wonderful photo opportunity.

    What to do with them-make great gifts
    Some give the guests a silver bracelet on which to attach their charm, a memory keepsake. This is a great idea for a thank-you gift for the guests.

    Sterling Silver Baby Shower Ribbon Pull Charms

    sterling silver baby shower charms

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